Newsletters – November 2023

November 9th, 2023 Update

Introducing v2.5.5 now.


What’s new?


  • Workflow: Customization, Notifications, Navigation, Alerts


1) Invoicing module: 


-Data can now be exported to PDF with the corporate logo of the User account visible (Suppliers only).

-When a client pays an invoice through the platform/Stripe, an email notification is sent to the Supplier. 

-On the Project page, Clients can access their linked invoices and linked estimates.


2) Chat module: 


-The Project and Media emojis in the chat rooms have been replaced with white, user-friendly icons.


3) Platform: 


-There is now a Home icon on the Sign In and Sign Up pages that takes Users back to the website’s home page for easier navigation. Users can also navigate to the Sign Up page from the Sign In page if they have not yet created their Ya-Hub account. 

-When Users click on the Delete button in any module of the platform, an Alert pop-up window now appears.

-The window size has been increased to match the screen size in order to improve the visibility of the Clients’ list module (Supplier), Search Project module (Client and Supplier), New Project module (Supplier), and New Email module (Client and Supplier) in the left menu.


Get your free Client account here! Or contact our sales team to activate your Pro or Deluxe account (for Clients and Suppliers).


The Ya-Hub Team