Newsletters – August 2023

August 13th, 2023 Update

Next! Now it’s v2.5.


What’s new?


  • Workflow: Flurry of New Functionalities


The payment feature in the invoicing module is now operational, allowing Users to download their Stripe online payment receipts in PDF format and receive an email confirmation of their payment along with their Stripe transaction details. Also, suppliers will be notified by email when a client approves one of their estimates.


 Users can now upload documents like PDFs, images, and MS-format files to their Contacts in the CRM module. Additionally, users can add two different types of phone numbers, a clickable social media link, and additional notes like the contact’s postal address.


– In the project management module, suppliers can link their estimates, invoices, and purchase orders (POs) to a particular project and vice versa.


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The Ya-Hub Team