Newsletters – May 2023

May 15th, 2023 Update

What time is it? It’s v2.4!


What’s new?


  • Workflow: Usability, Various Improvements


– Suppliers (Agencies) can now convert their Estimates into Purchase Orders (POs). The size of the “Assign to Clients” button in Invoices has been reduced to match standard laptop screen size. There is now a drop-down menu to executive actions on Invoices, Estimates, POs.

 Users can now view the amount for each Invoice, Estimate or PO in the main table. Users can create personalized filters: sale amount per month and per year, PO amount per month and per year.

– All data can be exported under .CSV format (from main table view) across the workflow modules (Invoicing, CRM, Bookkeeping).


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The Ya-Hub Team