Newsletters – March 2023

March 20th, 2023 Update

And now here comes v2.3!


What’s new?


  • Workflow: Budgeting Tool


In the new budgeting tool: Clients can calculate and manage their content marketing spend overtime, in GBP, USD or EUR and measure the cost-effectiveness of their investments versus other company costs. On the other side, Agencies can record their accounting activity overtime, through their different bank accounts, under specific accounting categories.

UX improvements: in the invoicing tool (main table), Agencies can now modify the names of the clients who receive their invoices and they can modify the names of the clients or prospects who receive their estimates. Agencies can also edit the names of their suppliers under the Purchase Orders tab. Finally, Agencies can mark their estimates as Sent and/or Approved and they can mark their POs as Paid.    


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The Ya-Hub Team