Newsletters – February 2024

February 17th, 2024 Update

We announce the release of v2.6.


What’s new?


  • Workflow: new Accounting section + sub-sections


-The Bookkeeping tab is now called Accounting and Bookkeeping becomes a sub-section under the new Accounting head button.


-Under Accounting, there are now 10 sub-sections: Balance for the balance sheet, Bookkeeping, Budget (with more sub-sections underneath), Events (trade shows, conferences-related costs), Expenses (company running costs), Filing (for tax purposes), Payments (payments to the suppliers), Reconciliation (for account reconciliation), Sales (sales statistics) and Trips (business trip-related costs).


-Under Budget there are 3 sub-sections. First, there are Reports. Then there is a Margin Calculator (Margins), where we see the profit margin per invoiced project or client. There is also a Workforce costs sub-section where we can calculate the costs associated with contractors and employees. 


-Under Reports, we have 2 sub-sections. Profit and Loss (P&L) report and VAT report. The latter can be used to file your company’s VAT returns. 


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The Ya-Hub Team