Newsletters – August 2021

August 19th, 2021 Update

Now is the time to offer you Ya-Hub v1.7!


Here is what’s new:


  • Chat section – many improvements for a better User Experience


 The name of the Client or Agency is now showing on screen (chat inbox, chat).

– Users can now see when the other users in the chat are online. A green light appears underneath the profile picture in the chat inbox in this case.

– The title shows in bold in the chat inbox when a new (unread) message arrives.

– In the chat, users can see if the other users have read the messages they have sent.

– There is a caption underneath the chat title in the chat inbox that shows the 20 first characters of the latest message sent in the chat.

– Clients can now archive old chats. 

– Agencies can archive and/or delete old chats from the chat inbox, when needed.

– The arrow button that enables users to send messages in the chat now has “Send” showing underneath it.  


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Ya-Hub Team