Newsletters – July 2021

July 22nd, 2021 Update

Today, we are releasing Ya-Hub v1.6, exciting times!


  • Files download, password reset, T&Cs, agency mode


– Enhanced view on files download. Users can now see the files names completely both in the chat section and in the cloud storage section.
– Password reset: there is now a message on the user’s login screen that indicates that the reset request has been sent to the user’s email address. Then, once users have changed their password, there is a message on their login screen asking them to enter their new credentials to login to their account.
– T&Cs: at sign up stage, there is now a link just below the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) tick button that takes users to our Terms and Conditions page (this is open on a new tab).

Agency mode: agencies now have access to the platform through the new Agency pack. Agencies can change their email address in the profile section.


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Ya-Hub Team