Use cases – Press Release

Press Release



A cutting-edge smart device that was expected to revolutionize how people interact with the IoT (the Internet of Things) was about to be released by Company XYZ, a leading innovator. 


The company had decided to issue a press release in order to generate interest and let people know about this groundbreaking new product.


The press release’s main objective was to raise interest and anticipation for the upcoming launch.


Company XYZ aimed to catch the interest of prospective customers, technology enthusiasts, industry influencers, and the media by supplying pertinent information about the product’s features, advantages, and availability. 


How could this be executed?





The plan was to distribute the press release through various channels, including online press release distribution services, the company’s website, social media platforms, and targeted email outreach to tech journalists and influencers across the US, Canada, and Western Europe (targeted world regions due to their high sales and growth potential).


It would also be shared with industry-specific media outlets for potential inclusion in their news coverage. 


Fine, but where to start? 


How could tasks be arranged and prioritized while the project was still being managed centrally? 


How could teams interact with the vendors, such as the media and opinion leaders? Where and how could suppliers be paid? Where and how could the project’s budget be created? 


All of it was possible within the Ya-Hub platform. 



It was expected that the press release would generate a lot of media attention, social media engagement, and consumer interest. It would serve as a key tool for introducing the product and piqueing interest among prospective customers, leading to a successful product introduction and ongoing sales growth for Company XYZ.


The Ya-Hub platform allowed the user to sort and prioritize tasks as well as keep track of them as the project moved forward. It also assisted the user in managing and overseeing the project through a streamlined user interface across the team. Through the integrated chat and email tools, internal communication as well as communication with the suppliers was very simple.


User approval of supplier estimates and payment of invoices were both possible. Last but not least, users could manage budgets using Ya-Hub‘s integrated bookkeeping tool.


And – for international reach, the content was written by our in-house copywriters at Ya-Hub Digital and then translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Dutch by our linguists at Ya-Hub Translations


All in all, the problem was solved, and the launch was successful because the press release served its purpose.