Use cases – Collateral




Mr. A is employed by HotelZ Global Corp., a sizable hospitality company with offices across the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.


The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


Mr. A is a marketing manager who works within the global marketing team and reports to Mrs. B, the organization’s global chief marketing officer.


The leading figures in the international hospitality sector were going to come together soon for a significant event.


The event was scheduled to take place in Frankfurt, Germany, over the course of three days. Mr. A had the responsibility of creating a number of collaterals.


The CEO of HotelZ Global Corp., Mr. C, and the group CMO, Mrs. B, would give a keynote presentation on day 1 in the morning to introduce the company.


Then, on days 1 and 2, Mr. D, the head of global partnerships, would lead the company through workshops with important distributors, including travel agencies. On the third day of the event, Ms. E, the head of human resources, would present employment opportunities.

For the keynote, HotelZ Global Corp. needed to have a 20-slide corporate presentation prepared with information and graphics for the global audience in English and also in German for the local audience.


A 60-slide interactive PPT presentation also needed to be prepared; these slides had to be translated into multiple languages for the workshop’s more diverse audience, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Arabic, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Thai.


Last but not least, a new presentation outlining employment opportunities within the company needed to be created.


Here, the content had to be localized in Spanish and Portuguese because HotelZ Global Corp. wanted to hire primarily in Central and South America, where there was a boom in business opportunities.



Mr. A was feeling a little overworked with so many tasks for so many departments.


He had to create then localize collateral that had strategic impact and would be used by top executives across four different departments in the organization.


As the event date got closer, tension increased.


Now what?  




Mr. A made contact with Ya-Hub Translations, a reputable and competent translation company that has the ability to translate and proofread materials in over 130 languages. All of the linguists at the company, which has been in business for more than ten years, are native speakers with backgrounds in the hospitality sector. 


Naturally, the fact that Ya-Hub Translations has offices in both the EMEA and the Americas regions was beneficial, as inquiries are handled by the company’s committed project managers around the clock, essentially whenever they arise. That was very helpful! Moreover, project managers ensure quality and delays are always met, which was good for Mr. A.


Mr. A then needed to find a way to communicate with the Ya-Hub Translations team in real time without using the traditional channels because he was aware that emails could occasionally go to spam or not be delivered at all and that phones could occasionally go dead. Stressing!


Fortunately, it transpired that Ya-Hub Translations belongs to the Ya-Hub group, which has the practical name of Ya-hub for its all-in-one cloud-based productivity platform! Making use of Ya-hub, which offers a free account with the necessary features, such as live chat with the project manager and live project management status tracking functionality (that showed Mr. A when the translation had begun and when it was finished), Mr. A was also able to approve the estimates his project manager sent him.


Mr. A had the option of storing these budgetary projections so that he could review them later on for particular projects. The platform is fully mobile-responsive on both Apple and Android devices, so it worked on a computer in Mr. A’s office and on Mr. A’s iPhone. Mr. A also had the option of monitoring progress on his iPad or his Galaxy tablet while at home, as he worked from home two days per week.


Also included in the free account was the ability for Mr. A to receive translations via live chat and store them in his Ya-Hub account’s cloud storage. In this manner, he could prevent their loss or corruption on a local drive.


The Ya-Hub platform checked all the boxes, did it not? In the future, if Mr. A decided to upgrade to a paid Ya-Hub account, he would gain access to many more advanced functionalities, including CRM, task manager, emailing, invoicing, and bookkeeping, that would help him save time and money without the need to use numerous tools, which his IT department and finance department would appreciate.


By the way, Mr. A had completed 55 different translations over the past 12 months, so the AI-based predictive search tool in the free version of Ya-Hub was useful in saving him time when looking for a specific (past and current) project. In order to improve cost management and organizational efficiency, Mr. A could easily explain to his boss when and for how much each translation was completed. 




Mr. A was able to have all collateral localized by experts who were familiar with their industry because they had previously worked there, in a flawless manner because these translators were all native speakers, so the content was ready to demonstrate the group’s ability to be a performing brand across their targeted markets.


The workshops were a success with travel agencies and were fully booked for the next event, and many relevant CVs were collected by HR, leading to the discovery of new talent. 


The CEO and CMO made a great impression at the keynote, while investors and end clients were watching too.


Communication was excellent, and both quality and delays were met.


Thanks to Ya-Hub, everything was wrapped up!